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EMA Conference Room: Companioning and the Infrastructure of Family Assistance Centers

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Companioning and the Infrastructure of Family Assistance Centers 



Start Time

1/16/2018 10:30 AM 

End Time

1/16/2018 12:00 PM 


Thank you for registering for our Webinar training!  The following is the information you will need to sign in Tuesday, January 16, 2018.  The training is from 10:30pm – noon, but you should sign in no later than 10:25.  If possible, please read the following instructions a day or so before the webinar as there are advance actions necessary. 
1.  It is highly recommended that participants download the Adobe Connect Add In (free plug-in) prior to the meeting to enhance your connection:
2.  Google Chrome has proven reliable as the best internet browser for the Adobe Connect Webinars. (easy free download)
3.  The URL you will use to access the meeting is as follows: (enter as a guest using your own name)
4.  They recommend that participants use a desktop or laptop to access the training, and make sure they either directly connect to the internet through an Ethernet connection or have strong WIFI, as Adobe Connect will take significant bandwidth. (my WIFI at home is adequate)
Please email me if you have questions!

All Day Event





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