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The Madison County Board Of Zoning Appeals will hold their regular monthly meeting:
When: MONDAY OCTOBER 1, 2018 at 8:00 PM
Where: Madison County Engineer's Office
825 U.S. RT. 42 NE London, OH 43140
Conference room A & B                           

1.      18-26 SPENCER SMITH C/O RUSSELL SMITH applicant/property owner 8225 US Highway 42 South Plain City, Ohio 43064. Request permission for left side property line variance building setback from 30’ to 25’ (5’ variance) for placement of 32x14 barn. Canaan Township (Parcel-658 Aerial-8 VMS-7057  Tax Pin # 01-00308.000)


2.        18-27 ALBERT AVANESYANN CARTER LUMBER COMPANY –ENGINEER applicant/property owner 10271 S.R. 161 Plain City , Ohio 43064 Request permission for  a42’ left side property line building setback variance from 50’ to 8’ from east property line adjacent to Rail Road to construct and additional accessory storage building, approx. 74’x162’in total size This property is currently zoned C-2 General Commercial. Darby Township (Parcel-51 Aerial-1 VMS-7074 Tax Pin # 02-00043.000)   


3.     18-28 RYAN & BRITTANY THOMPSON applicant 11345 Converse Chapel Rd. Plain City, Ohio 43064 C/O JAMES & NOLA FREEMAN 2623 Logan Gap Rd. Ripley, Ohio 45167. Request permission for A-1 conditional use permit to split out one new agricultural housing site Approx 5.0 acres from the mother parcel located at 4820 Boyd Rd. to construct a single family residence to be known as the first housing conditional use. Darby Township (Parcel-342 Aerial-3 VMS-8505 Tax Pin #02-00074.000.) 


4.    18-29 MICHAEL WILSON applicant/property owner 370 S. Houston Pk. South Vienna, Oh 45369. Request permission for one agricultural housing conditional use from mother Parcel/No split located on West Jefferson-Kiousville. Fairfield Township (Parcel-1142 Aerial-49 VMS-12127 Tax Pin #07-00122.001.


5.   18-30 FRANK ZOLLINGER applicant 3027 Taylor Blair west Jefferson, Ohio 43162 C/O JEFF OHLER 2135 Byerly Mill West Jefferson, Ohio 43162 property owner. Request permission for right side property line building setback variance from 30’ to 20’ (10’ variance) to construct a 32x64 barn.  Jefferson Township (Parcel-305 Aerial-26 VMS-2985 Tax Pin #08-00641.001.)


6.   18-31 KOKOSING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY C/O TONY PARTINGTON 6235 Westerville Rd. Westerville, Ohio 43081. C/O TRI-GREEN INTERSTATE EQUIPMENT 1499 U.S. Route 42 London, Ohio 43140. Request Permission for Conditional use to allow for placement of office trailers and laydown yard for Kokosing and Ohio department of transportation employees, this project completion date is October 1, 2020 for I-70 project. Jefferson Township (Parcel-348 & 347 Aerial-26 VMS-7529 Tax Pin # 08-00429.000 & 08-00429.001.)



All property owners within 500' of the above properties are invited to attend this meeting to ask any questions or voice concerns.

For more information please call the Madison County Building and Zoning Department at 740-852-2833 or email
David J. Hughes


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