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Announcements: Rural Drainage Report Available


Rural Drainage Report Available  


Do you have a ditch or stream running through your property? With ownership comes the responsibility to maintain these resources. There is a rural drainage report to help landowners who are interested in improving drainage to take a balanced approach between environmental goals and drainage needs. A farmer can use this report to determine, based on the size and aquatic life of the ditch, the best approach for maintaining the ditch. It may be a traditional design, one-sided design, over-wide channel, or limited snag and clear. Also, one should always notify Farm Service Agency for approval prior to improving drainage. A review is required to ensure that the project does not violate the “Swampbuster” provisions of the 1985 Food Security Act, which discourages draining wetlands by making violators ineligible for farm program benefits.

If you are considering a ditch maintenance project, please read this report and contact our office at 740-852-4004 for further assistance. If you are a concerned neighbor, talk to the farmer because he or she is an environmentalist, too. We look forward to assisting you.


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