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Darby Watershed Joint Board
Please visit to obtain nonpoint source pollution maps, the watershed inventory and other facts about the Darby
National Association of Conservation Districts
Madison County Extension
Ohio Department of Agriculture
Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
The Ohio State University's link to agricultural information and news
Web Soil Survey
The Ohio Soil Survey has taken a huge leap into a new era with NRCS’ release of the Web Soil Survey. The Web Soil Survey makes it possible for everyone with access to the internet to view the vast amount of soils information that has been gathered cooperatively by ODNR, NRCS, and OARDC over the past 53 years, for the 66 counties with digital soils information that meets SSURGO standards. (Statewide coverage should be attained in 2007, as the Statewide Digital Soils Information (SDSI) Project is completed.) The Web Soil Survey allows users to quickly find areas of interest and to map out variations in soil properties and soil interpretations in a way that previously required the use of geographical information system (GIS) software. The Web Soil Survey will also allow quick delivery of soils information, since as surveys are updated and additional data is collected, it can be easily and quickly added to the site. (Contributed by Tim Gerber)