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The Madison County Sewer and Water District

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The Madison County Sanitary Sewer and Water District provides utility services for various areas within Madison County. The Madison County Commissioners and the Sanitary Engineer are responsible for the management and financial condition of all treatment facilities operated by the District. The District staff is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the systems, ensure compliance with all federal and state regulations, perform preventative maintenance on facility equipment and to operate the systems in a cost effective manner.

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Public Notice 
by Rob Slane
 4/7/2016 1:27 PM

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The Madison County Sanitary Sewer and Water District includes a full time billing department that is available to address questions regarding your monthly bill, balance on your account, District policies and procedures and new construction processes. The billing office is located at 825 US Route 42 NE, London, Ohio 43140 and may be contact by calling 740-845-1702.

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The Madison County Sanitary Sewer and Water District includes the following treatment systems. 
Sewer District 1 
The Madison County Sanitary Sewer and Water District provides sanitary sewer service for the businesses located along US 42 near the I70 intersection. The sanitary sewer system includes a gravity flow collection system, a lift station to pump waste from the northern areas along US 42 under I70 and a wastewater treatment facility. The system operates under US EPA and Ohio EPA regulations and is issued an operating permit known as the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit. This permit provides the standards set by the Ohio EPA for testing of the wastewater before and after treatment and ultimately discharged in to Glade Run. The facility has a designed capacity of 150,000 gallons per day and may be expanded as residential and commercial development occurs in the immediate area. 

Sewer District 2
Sewer District 2 was designed and constructed to serve the areas along SR 56 and Old Columbus Road, including Somerford Township and Choctaw Lake. The sanitary sewer system includes a low pressure sewer system in Choctaw Lake, individual grinder pump stations and a wastewater treatment facility. The treatment facility is designed to treatment 300,000 gallons of wastewater per day and operates under a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit issued by the Ohio EPA. The facility operates the treatment plant to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations, including performing analytical laboratory test of the water stream prior to discharging in Deer Creek. 

Camp Wissalohican
The Madison County Sanitary Sewer and Water District constructed a sanitary sewer collection system, wastewater treatment facility, water distribution system and water treatment plant to serve the Camp Wissalohican development is 1998. This area is located near SR142 along High Free Pike and serves the 21 homes currently located in the development. Both treatment plants operate under the regulations of the US EPA and the Ohio EPA, including analyzing the wastewater and water for proper treatment. The residents are serviced by the gravity flow sanitary sewer collection system and a small treatment facility. The water supply consists of a deep water well and treatment facility which includes disinfection of the treated water. 

Burr Oak 
The Burr Oak subdivision is located just outside the village limits of Mt. Sterling and consists of a gravity flow sanitary sewer system which ultimately flows to the Mt. Sterling wastewater treatment facility. The businesses and residents are required to install a water meter on their individual well supply as the meter is read monthly to determine the customer billing for the sanitary sewer service.


This webpage is consistently undergoing change and is not warranted for content or accuracy. Madison County cannot be held liable for errors or omissions in the information. Madison County makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of this information.

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For Emergencies Please Call

(740) 845-1284 

Billing and Accounts Payable
825 US Route 42 NE
London, Ohio 43140
(740) 845-1702
Sewer District #1
(I70 and US 42)
821 State Route 42
London, Ohio 43140
(740) 845-1284
Sewer District #2
(Somerford Township & Choctaw Lake)
2795 Old Columbus Road
London, Ohio 43140
 (740) 845-1284
Camp Wissalohican
9521 High Free Pike
West Jefferson, OH 43162
(740) 845-1284
Burr Oaks Subdivision
Mt. Sterling, Ohio
(740) 845-1284

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